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25 Killer Quick and Easy Topic Ideas PT2…

25 Killer Quick and Easy Topic Ideas PT2…

Alright, I don’t want to ramble on here with useless banter. In the last email

we were talking about the “content desert” and how to come up with quick

and easy content ideas. I gave you 10 in that email and if you are missing


…be sure to reach out to me so that I can get it to you. Also be sure to

white list emails from me, and save these emails in a safe place so that you

can reference them as you need to.

Now…let’s get into part 2 of our Topic Ideas Guide…

25 Killer Quick and Easy Topic Ideas [PART 2]

Eleven) Topical Deep Dive – Find an interesting and topical niche related

subject and do a current news deep dive on it. Gather information from

multiple sources on that one subject to find the unique nuggets.

For example, a few years ago in the internet marketing community there

was a lot of interest in people’s paypal accounts being suspended or

terminated for insignificant reasons.

That’s a subject that many people would have had an interest in at that

time, and it would also be easy to research from multiple sources.

Right now, as I write this, a big topic of interest for pretty much everyone is

the global covid-19 pandemic. How it is affecting YOUR particular niche is

a topic of interest for anybody who cares about that niche.

It would not be hard to do a deep dive into that subject and come up with

some interesting information to share with people. It would make a great


Twelve) Day in the Life – Generally, when a podcaster interviews a guest

they ask them the standard questions like, “How did you get started?”

“What were some of your biggest challenges?” “Can you give some

practical tips to new people just getting started?” However…

For a new angle on an interview, why not ask your guest to walk you

through a day in their life? Of course you want to frame this as it relates to

the thing they do in your niche.

For example, if they run an online business, you could ask them to walk

you through a typical day of running their online business.

Another example would be if you are in the weight loss space and you are

interviewing someone about how they were able to lose a significant

amount of weight, you might ask them to walk you through a typical day in

their life as it relates to their food and exercise routines.

It’s a simple question and it’s all about presenting a more personal and

unique look at your interview subject and that can really be very powerful.

Thirteen) Social Media Conversations – Many times some of the most

fascinating conversations happen in a niche related facebook group, or a

subreddit, or even a forum or something similar.

You can print out these valuable conversations, where people are dropping

tons of useful and interesting information, take some notes on some of the

most useful nuggets and talk about them in an episode. Be sure to shout

out the group you pulled the conversation from.

Fourteen) Quotes – With this one, what you want to do is take an

interesting quote that is memorable, inspirational, or valuable in some way

and position the episode around it.

Read the quote, give some history on it and some context. Do a deep dive

into the topic surrounding the quote. Be sure to relate the point back to

your niche and your listeners.

As an example, think about how I started this entire series of emails? It

was with a quote by Teddy Roosevelt.

Fifteen) Podcast roundups – A topic idea that comes together really

quickly is putting together a simple list of podcasts or podcast episodes that

you really enjoy that cover your niche or a specific topic in your niche.

Essentially you talk about what the podcast or episode is about and why

you like it. It’s a great way to turn people onto new podcasts.

Also it’s a great way to network with other podcasters, because you can let

them know they made your “roundup” episode. This will sometimes inspire

them to share that episode of your podcast with their audience.

Sixteen) Origin Stories – Do you have a long story to tell? One that

almost everyone has is “The story of how they came to do this very

podcast.” The cool thing about that “origin story” is that it is almost always

NICHE related.

This story could in fact span multiple episodes and it’s totally cool. People

will keep listening because they want to hear how the story ends. Most

times when we start something we want to finish it.

You’ve probably got several such stories if you think about it, that you can

relate back to your niche.

Seventeen) Failure Content- Many podcasts focus on successful people

when they look for interviews. People like business leaders, celebrities in

the niche, or the uniquely talented.

But the truth is, when you reach out to the average person who has an

interest in your niche, and a story to tell, you will really find some interesting


Oftentimes these stories involve failure, sometimes of an epic proportion.

The truth is when you talk about failures either from yourself or from

interview guests, you are providing massive value to your listeners.

Not only are they learning about what does not work and why, but they are

also hearing something that they very seldom get to hear because most

people don’t talk about failures.

Eighteen) Reviews – Simple reviews on softwares, programs, products,

blogs, other podcasts, youtube channels, or almost anything else in your

niche is a great way to quickly create content for your podcast.

Not only that, but you are providing a valuable service to your listeners, and

in some cases possibly even opening yourself up to affiliate opportunities.

The great thing about this topic idea is that it is so versatile. You can

literally review just about anything. The main thing here is to have an

opinion. Don’t just present facts and features/benefits.

You need to have a take. People don’t listen for the facts. They listen for

the opinions.

Nineteen) Niche profiles – Almost all niches, markets, industries, and

spaces have innovators and leaders that have really paved the way to

make that space what it is today.

Oftentimes those people (especially the older ones) are forgotten to many

people. However, whether they are forgotten or not, creating content about

them will be of interest to those in your niche.

You can do a series of “profile” style episodes about these captains of the

space. Dedicate an episode to each person and deep dive into their story,

what they contributed to the space, and why they are important.

Twenty) Podcast Episode Reactions – As you listen to other podcasts in

your niche, you will undoubtedly run into episodes that you have an opinion


Use that. React to an episode of someone else’s podcast. Do you have

two cents to contribute to that conversation? This is your chance to give

YOUR take on what they were talking about.

I cannot stress how powerful this strategy is. You can literally ONLY do this

And NEVER run out of content.

Another benefit is that it gives you the ability to shout out the original

episode, and let that podcaster know. This could very well inspire a share

and help grow your audience.

Twenty One) On the Road – Instead of just talking about something from

the comfort of your normal podcasting studio or recording spot. What if you

take it mobile?

These episodes could have small descriptions of where you are actually

recording from today. That is going to make your location almost a

character in the podcast.

You could even capture some sounds from where you are at. It could

become a regular thing and people might listen just to figure out where you

are recording from today.

Perhaps where you are recording from could even tie into the topic of your

podcast for that day.

Twenty Two) Repurpose – What about existing content in other mediums?

Do you have a youtube channel, or a blog? What about a facebook group

that you have posted in regularly?

Could some of that content be repurposed for your podcast? You’d be

surprised at some of the awesome content that started out as a simple

twitter post.

Twenty Three) The Basics – Every niche has the basic foundational

knowledge required to get up and running. Doing a series of episodes that

covers the basics in your niche is an awesome way to help people as well

as create a bunch of valuable content for your podcast.

For example, if you are in the video game niche you could do a series of

episodes that covers things like the differences between certain consoles,

or perhaps common phrases of gamers.

Another example, would be in the internet marketing niche, people are

always wondering where to start. Simple episodes about what an

autoresponder is and why they are important makes for really informative

content, especially for beginners.

Twenty Four) Rewind the Clock – With this one, what you do is take

something that happened in the past. Explain it, expand upon it, give it

context to your niche, and then ultimately talk about how it relates to what

is happening right now and how it can help your listeners. What is the


For example, back in 1999 everyone was freaking out about the Y2K bug.

People thought that the world was going to come to a crashing halt

because of this computer glitch.

It didn’t though. Classic case of a bunch of people overreacting to


Now the idea of overreaction is pretty universal and can be applied to

almost any niche. The takeaway there would be, try to keep a level head, a

little perspective, and don’t overreact.

That Y2K story seems really specific but if we strip it down to it’s core

element of overreaction, it’s pretty universal. Most stories are like that.

Twenty Five) Lists – Lists are pretty classic at this point. People love them

when you attach them to topical and relevant subjects in your niche.

Top 5 most reliable and affordable autoresponders for this year!

The 7 best money making strategies that you can start TODAY!

8 Ways to Start Losing Weight Immediately!

There is something about a list. People want to know. They will listen to

the whole show just to hear what the last one is.

When you declare that you are doing a list of something, you are creating

an open loop. People will feel a pull to close it. That last thing on your list

provides a satisfactory ending.

Wow! That was a lot of topic ideas. If you got this email and the previous

one, you are now armed with 25 different ways to create quick and easy

content for your podcast.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow we are going to be digging deep into some

growth strategies. What’s the point of all that awesome content if nobody is

going to hear any of it?

Stay tuned…

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